Accountant Resume Sample

The profession of an accountant is prevalent, as every company needs one. The job seeker should understand that the competition in this area is quite intense, and the manager will choose the best specialist who can do the job quickly and without mistakes. To get the employer interested, you need to write a resume that demonstrates your professional activity’s positive aspects.

What must be indicated in the resume for an accountant?

The exact name of the vacancy: It is important to clearly write the specialist’s position.

This will make it clear to the employer that a person evaluates himself objectively and approaches job search thoughtfully.

Information about the candidate

You must indicate the full name, age, address, contact information, and education in the resume. List all institutions in chronological order with faculty name and graduation date. Courses and training should also be listed. If you did many of these, do not include them all. Choose the most suitable ones.

The desired level of salary

The specific figure should be indicated, considering the proposals for such positions in the labor market.

Work experience

This section is worth listing only the most important jobs and positions you have held for 5-10 years if you worked for several companies. Or the last 2-3 jobs where you worked permanently. Be sure to indicate the enterprise’s direction, the positions you held, job responsibilities, and period of work.

Special skills in the resume (examples for an accountant)

The content of an accountant’s work depends on the area where he works. Here you should indicate what you can do and what you can offer to the employer. Evaluate the possibilities objectively, as during the interview, the level of your knowledge will become clear to the employer, one way or another. Also, try to avoid common phrases. For example, you shouldn’t write that you are familiar with all accounting software. Indicate specifically which of them you have mastered at a high level. Examples of key skills in an accountant’s resume are:


  • cash management skills;
  • experience in submitting reports to funds, tax authorities;
  • knowledge of the rules and experience in tax and accounting in a specific area (indicate which one);
  • skills in processing primary documents;
  • ability to work with large amounts of data;
  • knowledge of civil, labor, and tax legislation.


It is worth listing not only the key skills in your resume but also additional information. For example, if a candidate possesses knowledge that is not required at the moment, but is useful in professional activities, this will give him as a plus.

List of Achievements

Professional achievements in an accountant’s resume are the results of work that demonstrate the successful completion of professional tasks and reflect the enterprise’s economic benefits for which you once worked. The phrase about achievements can sound like this: “During my work at the company, I passed ten tax audits without a single issue.” Such information will allow a potential employer to recognize that you are a valuable professional.

Personal qualities

A sample resume of an accountant for primary documentation should contain references to personal qualities that will be incredibly valuable in professional duties. For example, these are analytical skills, organization, and the ability to work with information.