Safety director Resume Sample

Resume – a document requested by the employer when applying for a job. It indicates the applicant’s personal and professional qualities and some other features. Of course, any resume has essential points, the filling of which is subject to specific rules.
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Name and contact details

It is recommended to place personal information at the beginning of the Resume and stylistically separate it from the main part. If you specify phone numbers, write the mobile and home, but you should not tell the worker. You can also write an email address, Skype login, or similar applications.

Areas of interest, responsibilities, and desired salary

You can omit all of the above items. But be sure to write in what area and who you want to work as: a personal bodyguard or a security guard in a store. If you have the opportunity to become both a PR manager and a security guard, do not be lazy to create several resumes, otherwise, you will scare off the employer.

Workplace security guard

A well-thought-out security guard resume will help you get the desired job as soon as possible

Work experience

Often, when choosing an employee, this item is paid the primary attention. If a job seeker has a lot of experience in a company like a company – an employer, he will be more valuable than others. When you indicate something that is not in the workbook, you need to allow potential employers to verify this information, for example, leaving the contact details of the former boss.


Highly skilled workers are much more valuable than others. It is worth indicating the school only if you graduated with honors or it is very famous.

Professional skills

In the content of the Resume, indicate your skills directly related to the desired position. These can be skills in using special software, filling out the relevant documents, knowledge of legal issues.

Personal qualities

List your habits or personality traits that can help improve the quality of your work.

To distinguish your Resume among dozens of analogs, you need additional information. Any facts from the life of an applicant that can interest a potential employer will do: language skills, achievements in previous jobs, driver’s license, military training.

Features of the Resume of a private security guard

Security guards are multifunctional employees, so when drawing up your Resume, indicate all your positive features. If you can competently resolve conflicts, tell this. If you can monitor compliance with safety regulations, inform your potential employer.

Analyze companies, focus on the facts of interest to these companies.

Basic professional skills

  • Ability to use video surveillance systems.
  • The ability to competently, without consequences, to stop the offender.
  • Ability to handle specialized equipment and weapons.
  • Knowledge of psychology.
  • First aid.
  • Knowledge of the legal foundations associated with the profession.

Personal qualities

  • Stress resistance. The main point. A security guard who easily loses his temper will be unproductive or even expose himself and the employer to legal problems.
  • Energy. Shifts for such workers may not be the most convenient, so the guard must always be cheerful and ready to work.
  • A responsibility. Security guards often have to monitor a large number of equipment and goods.
  • Honesty. Of course, the guardian of the order himself must be a decent person who performs all the subtleties of activity.

The absence of bad habits is a very useful quality of a security guard. Any addiction can allow the employee to forget or lose sight of something.

Guards in many structures must communicate with people, which means that these employees need high communication skills.

Often the guards have to work in a team, so being a good team player is a useful feature.

Discipline is essential.