Marketing Manager Resume Sample

From the employer’s point of view, a marketer is a person who knows how to advertise a product successfully and has the necessary professional skills. Before filling out the questionnaire, you need to study the data from the job description. Usually, the employer describes in detail the job responsibilities that will be assigned to the specialist. Each statement made in the resume must correspond to reality and be confirmed by data, certificates, and diploma.

Experience in Marketing Resume

This section is of the greatest interest to the employer. Information about previous jobs is entered in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Please indicate the name of the company, the name of the position held.

The data for this section can be written off from the job description.

If the applicant worked under a contract as a marketer remotely, the resume can be filled out based on an employment contract confirming the duties performed. This can be done only if the applicant possesses the skills specified by the employer, but before they were not in demand.

By reading a marketing manager’s resume, the employer must conclude that the applicant is ready to start work and does not need training.

When there is no job description in a vacancy, you can view several similar offers, make an analysis, make a list based on generalized information.

An example of one of the work experiences

In the template presented on our page, the work experience block is divided into subsections. The sample is designed so that any applicant can understand how to use it. Each subsection is signed and adapted for a specific type of information.

The dates of the start and end of work at the last workplace are entered first, then the company’s names and the position held are entered in the allotted columns. After that, they must list the primary responsibilities and competencies that were performed at the previous job.

Any good advertising professional knows that the ideal presentation contains positive information reflected in digital metrics. Personal achievements should reflect the potential of the applicant, his professional purposefulness. Therefore, in this subsection, data is entered with percentages and numbers.

What to do if you have no work experience

A university graduate with no work experience should emphasize skills and abilities on his resume.

The employer believes that a specialist in this area should have:

  • Analytical skills and knowledge of software
  • Use modern forms of marketing techniques in your work.
  • Be proactive, work for the result.
  • Be able to communicate with people verbally and in writing.

All that data should be disclosed as fully as possible. The described skills and abilities should show the future leader.


It isn’t easy to occupy the position of a marketer without special education. A sales development specialist requires knowledge of special programs, analytical skills, and the ability to create promotional events and materials.

Be sure to indicate all courses, seminars, and other training forms, increasing professional knowledge level.

Marketing resume skills

This section should be given the greatest attention, especially to those applicants who do not have experience in this field. Skills are indicated briefly in two or three words. All of these skills must be relevant to the desired position. It is illogical to write here about the presence of a black belt in karate. A marketer is required to have the ability to promote a product.

Personal interests, hobbies, and character traits should not be included in the resume. The employer does not need this data. He is looking for a specialist. The employer wants to get increased sales, high-quality advertising from an employee. The head of the enterprise will mark the applicant with trading experience, analytical mind.

What to write to a marketer about yourself

A chapter in which a competent advertiser will immediately see an opportunity to present himself as a high-level specialist. Interesting facts of the biography related to professional activity, revealing the applicant’s personal growth for the position, are entered here.