Photographer Resume Sample

The work of a modern photographer has long gone beyond the limits of a photo workshop. Today, photography professionals are in demand in advertising agencies, marketing departments of trading and manufacturing companies, the beauty industry, real estate agencies, media services, or companies providing event services. When looking for a job, an applicant creates a resume that reflects his skills and work experience.
Photographer resume


When applying for a vacancy, it is necessary to bring to the attention of the employer not only key professional skills but also briefly tell about yourself.

The resume should contain points:

  • Full name and your age;
  • residence address;
  • phone number, email address;
  • the purpose of sending a resume with an indication of the position;
  • salary level and work schedule;
  • basic and additional education;
  • achievements and skills;
  • work experience and responsibilities;
  • additional information about yourself with an indication of marital status, children, readiness for business trips and relocation, hobbies, car availability, and other data of interest to the employer.

The resume is submitted with a cover letter addressed to the HR employee or the head of the company. Such a letter begins with a greeting and an address, for example: “Hello, John Smith.” Then they introduce themselves and communicate their interest in the vacancy. You can justify the choice of a company for employment by the fact that you are aware of its growth and stability.

Then briefly talk about yourself with an emphasis on experience and knowledge, as well as character traits that are important in this area—for example, stress resistance, a desire to improve oneself, a passion for high-quality work. The letter indicates participation in competitions, the ability to own modern equipment, and knowledge of computer programs.

In the final part, you must thank the person for reading the letter and express your willingness to answer the questions of the employer. For example: “Thank you for your attention to my candidacy and look forward to the opportunity to be interviewed at your company. If you have any questions, I am ready to answer them at any time convenient for you. ” In conclusion, indicate that along with this letter you are sending your resume and letters of recommendation (if any) from clients or former employers for consideration. Finish the cover letter with the words of farewell, for example: “Yours faithfully, Bill Jone.” Then put the date, signature, and contact information.

To look like a professional in the eyes of the employer, when preparing this document, avoid common mistakes. These are:

  • Excessive amount of information. An ideal resume takes no more than 1 A4 sheet. If the document is too large, it has a higher chance not be read to the end.
  • Grammatical mistakes in the text. Before sending, the document is formatted and checked for literacy. Inattention indirectly means that the author of the resume also applies to the work.
  • Superfluous information. In the resume, only work experience related to the vacancy is indicated. The rest of the facts are not included in the document.
  • Lack of information. Candidates write about their strengths in detail, avoiding monosyllabic narratives consisting of 2-3 words.
  • Portfolio links are not active. Before submitting the resume, they check whether all the links are working.