Sales Manager Resume Sample

A resume for the position of a sales manager is a document containing basic information about a candidate for a vacancy, based on which the employer decides whether to invite a person for an interview. Applicants for this position are most often people whose professional affiliation is in the commercial sphere: economists, marketers, or specialists in advertising and PR. When preparing a self-presentation, it is advisable to focus on the working qualities – communication skills, knowledge of the rules and regulations of trade, etc.
sales manager

Personal data

The following personal data should be reflected:

  • first name, last name;
  • region of residence: if a candidate is looking for a job in a large city, the district should be indicated; for small settlements, its name is sufficient; readiness for relocation and business trips;
  • contact information. At least a phone number, ideally also email, instant messengers. It is desirable to note which of the communication methods is the priority;
  • salary expectations. This is a formal section, which should be stated as clearly as possible;
  • education. In this section, it is necessary to indicate all completed educational programs related to the trade manager profession. Ideally, specialized higher education and additional advanced training courses. Please avoid stating the education that is not associated with the job. For example, completed manicure courses or a fitness trainer certificate, unless, of course, if the candidate is applying for a vacancy in a company that sells manicure products or fitness equipment;
  • skills. Skills for a manager’s resume are specific applied skills of the applicant, which are designed to demonstrate to the employer that the applicant is ready to perform the functionality that will be assigned to him. Considering how to present professional skills in a resume using the example of a manager, it is important to remember that they should be presented in the form of a simple listing. There is no need to reveal their essence and concretize. Only those skills of the applicant that are directly related to the position in the company for which he is applying should be indicated in the resume: it is not worth listing all the available talents, a short but clear list of skills that fully reflects the employer’s need will be more appropriate. Key skills of a sales manager for a resume can be the following: finding and attracting clients, cold selling, business correspondence, economic planning, negotiation, and contracting.

Experience, responsibilities, achievements

In this section, it is necessary to list previous jobs providing the name of the organization, period of work, and position held. Special attention should be paid to the responsibilities that were assigned to the candidate and what achievements he is ready to boast of. Duties are what the job seeker was directly involved in at the workplace. For example, the job role of a resume sales manager might be to call customers daily. In this case, it is worth explaining how many calls were made daily, whether they were cold calls or hot ones, what category of clients is meant: legal entities, individuals, small or medium-sized businesses. Achievements are a specific result obtained by the applicant on the job. The more detailed the result is, the better. Ideally, you should give specific numbers, for example, indicate the total amount of contracts that the applicant entered during the period of work, or the percentage by which the company’s profit increased due to his efforts.

Business qualities

As a standard, this section mentions resistance to stress, multitasking, sociability, focus on results, etc. But it is possible to expand the standard list, indicating those qualities that helped the applicant in his work and which he considers important.

In addition, it makes sense when preparing to read the description of other vacancies that are interesting to the applicant and indicate those qualities that are noted as significant.

Additional information

This section includes data not directly related to professional activity, but seem important to the applicant. For example, it is appropriate to talk about your driver’s license, personal car, marital status, or say a few words about personal hobbies. You should not devote too much space to this section – it should only be a touch, and not distract the employer’s attention.