Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

To get the employer interested and choose you for an interview out of many applicants, take extra care when drawing up your resume for an administrative assistant. On the one hand, you should adhere to generally accepted compilation rules, and on the other, think about what information about yourself you need to share in order to be ‘the chosen one’:

  • the resume should be short, but maximally capacious in content, in volume – no more than 1-2 pages;
  • the document must be divided into semantic blocks with separate paragraphs highlighted for readability;
  • no typos or grammatical mistakes are allowed, if you are not sure of your literacy, use spell-checking programs.


The plan

Any example of an administrative assistant’s resume should be prepared in accordance with the following structure:

  • Title and purpose of the resume (“administrative assistant” as title);
  • Contact information;
  • Education;
  • Professional experience and professional skills;
  • Personal characteristics;
  • Additional Information.

Contact information

This section includes:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • address or area of ​​residence (so that the employer understands how convenient it will be for you to get to work)
  • telephone and e-mail


When selecting a resume, an administrative assistant is more often preferred to have higher liberal arts education, knowledge of PC, and a foreign language, especially if the company works with foreign partners. There may be completely different requirements set out in the vacancy text, for example:

  • knowledge of the rules of business correspondence and etiquette;
  • skills of contract work, the ability to conduct telephone conversations, etc.

When filling out this block, indicate the years of study, the educational organization’s name, and your qualifications.

Work experience

The employer independently decides whether he is ready to train an employee without work experience or not. In any case, if you have no or a small experience, and the vacancy text indicates “experience from 1 year”, it is quite possible to try your hand and send a resume. By setting such a small experience requirement, the employer clarifies that he does not need an experienced employee. If you have experience in different organizations, list them in chronological order – from the last place of work to earliest, indicate the years of work, organizations’ names, and the position held. Additionally, you can list your main responsibilities in each of the organizations and achievements, if any.

Professional Skills

Each organization has a variety of job responsibilities for an administrative assistant. Carefully go through the requirements mentioned in the vacancy description for which you are applying. The most common duties of an administrative assistant include:

  • good computer skills and knowledge of office technology;
  • document management, office work and business correspondence;
  • conducting telephone conversations and receiving visitors;
  • maintaining a client base;

In small organizations, an administrative assistant’s duties may include accounting, HR administration, website maintenance, procurement, and other specific areas of activity, the ownership of which will be your advantage. Thus, an administrative assistant’s skills for a resume is a limitless field for your imagination (of course, within reasonable limits).

Personal characteristics

The administrative assistant helps organize the company’s work and monitors all processes related to the daily functioning of the enterprise (distributing the information around the office). Based on this, think about what personal characteristics help you in your work. Ready examples of a resume for the job of an office manager usually include the following points:

  • literate speech;
  • presentable appearance;
  • ability to make quick decisions;
  • attentiveness and punctuality;
  • the ability to find contact with people and resolve conflict situations;
  • responsibility and accuracy, etc.