Engineering Resume Sample

An engineering resume is a self-presentation of a technical specialist that contains information about his professionalism and experience. Its goal is to inform the potential employer of the most important information about the applicant and attract attention.
Engineering resume

General rules

There are general principles that help to create a good resume of a specialist easily – it is concise, meaningful, and understandable. It should be written in simple language, without elaborate phrases and clericalisms. Contacts should also look “business”. It is convenient to have a separate working e-mail with a name consisting of a first and last name.


To keep your resume for an engineering job looking structured and logical, stick to this plan:

  • Purpose (“Chief Engineer Resume”).
  • Contact Information.
  • Education.
  • Work experience.
  • Professional skills.
  • Personal qualities.
  • Additional information.

Contact information

The section “Contact information” contains the following information:

  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • marital status;
  • the address;
  • phone and e-mail.


Specialized engineers work in various fields: energy, industry, construction, aviation, and communications. In the block dedicated to education, the years of study, place, and level of qualifications obtained should be indicated. Diplomas and certificates that are not related to the main profession should not be included in this section. They will not interest the employer and will just overload the questionnaire with unnecessary information.

Work Experience

Work experience should be indicated in reverse order, from now to the beginning of a career. Each place of work is drawn up in a separate paragraph according to a simple scheme:

  • Dates of start and end of the employment (month and year);
  • Name of the organization; what does she do;
  • Position;
  • Main job responsibilities;
  • Achievements;
  • Awards;

Don’t use vague or general phrases. Briefly list the tasks you faced in the previous company and how you dealt with them. The professional skills of an engineer in the resume are indicated in the next block.

Professional skills

This is the third most crucial section after experience and education since the standards of the profession include a relatively extensive list of functions. The primary examples of professional skills on an engineer’s resume are workflow planning and improvement, quality control, research work, and health and safety.

In the same column, the applicant describes the key skills that are directly related to the vacancy. Instead of “confident PC user,” list the professional computer programs you own and knowledge of the regulatory documents. Skills that are key for the specialty are listed first.

Personal qualities

In this paragraph, the applicant usually talks about his punctuality, learning ability, responsibility, and other advantages. The necessary personal qualities for an engineer resume are listed: organizational and communication skills, initiative, the ability to make quick decisions, analytical skills. It is better to write about yourself in a more detailed way: “I strictly observe the deadlines for the delivery of projects.”

Do not make up a long story about an active life position, bad habits, and sports hobbies. At the resume stage, the employer does not need such information about the applicant. As an example of professional skills in the resume of an engineer, phrases like that will be suitable:

  • developing drawings and projects in AutoCAD, NanoCAD, Dialux;
  • knowledge of regulatory documents GOST and SNiP;
  • ability to lead the development of technical specifications, etc.

Additional information

Please post information that is not directly related to the job under the heading “Additional Information”. This includes your foreign language proficiency, driving license, additional education.