Medical Nurse Resume Sample

A nurse’s resume is a document that spells out the work skills, education, skills, and experience of junior and paramedical personnel. Competently drafted, it will help to attract the attention of the employer and successfully find a job. Nursing staff can work in different departments, depending on this, in their presentation, the emphasis should be on profile skills.
nurse resume


In medicine, education plays a crucial role because the life and health of patients depend on the actions of medical workers. Higher medical education certainly gives the job seeker more employment benefits. If you took refresher courses, converted from one area of ​​medicine to another, you have to indicate this too.

Work experience

The “Experience” section is the first thing that attracts the employer’s attention in a resume for a nurse’s job. Therefore:

  • describe your personal work experience;
  • list the achievements at the previous place of work;
  • if you are applying for a job immediately after studying at an educational institution, please enter the knowledge and skills gained in practice in this section.


Professional Skills

The core competencies mandatory in a nurse’s resume for a job are your work experience combined with responsibilities. Indicate here the most valuable Information: what you learned in your previous job, how you applied the knowledge you gained. It is worth carefully and in as much detail as possible to prescribe your professional skills: drawing up work schedules and keeping a report card for the department; fulfillment of medical appointments (procedures); control and equipping of employees’ workplaces; preparation and control of a preventive vaccination plan; control over the correctness of medical records; compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards.

Additional Information

This section includes Information on IT skills, language skills, eligibility, and any other information relevant to a nurse’s resume. It makes sense to indicate the following: knowledge of foreign languages, recommendations received from past jobs, flexibility, etc.

Personal qualities

In addition to work skills, the employer wants to see in the employee the qualities inherent in doctors: friendliness, stress resistance, accuracy, politeness, and learning ability. But do not get carried away with scribbling the positive aspects of your character. Highlight the most important and necessary aspects which will be relevant for work. Choose wordings like that: I have developed communication skills; resistant to stressful situations; friendly towards patients and colleagues; I strictly observe the sanitary and epidemiological regime.