Teacher Resume Sample

A sample teacher’s resume is summary of a specialist. It contains basic information about a potential employee: education, experience, professional skills, and achievements. It is necessary to draw the attention of a potential employer to the field of teaching (primary school teacher or subject teacher), personal achievements (participation in competitions, awards), as well as the accomplishments of their students (exam results, Olympiads). Although there is no approved form for this document, it is drawn up according to generally accepted rules, taking into account specific nuances.
resume teacher

General rules

Perhaps the biggest mistake that a teacher can make when compiling a resume for a teacher of English and literature (or any other subject) is to make mistakes in it, pardon the tautology. Neither grammatical nor factual errors are allowed in a document of this kind. Their presence will immediately make the employer think about whether he needs an illiterate or inattentive employee. Check everything written carefully. The volume of the compiled document is one, a maximum of two pages. All information should be written in a concise form. Whatever does not fit into the specified volume should be deleted. If some vital information cannot be summarized, add a cover letter to your resume. To make it convenient for the employer to view your teacher’s resume, use the generally accepted writing plan:

  • Title (“SUMMARY”).
  • Purpose (the position you are applying for).
  • Contact details.
  • Education.
  • Work experience.
  • Professional skills and achievements.
  • Personal characteristics.
  • Additional Information.

When compiling a sample resume for the job of a primary school teacher or a subject teacher, indicate in this section the following information:

  • full name;
  • date of birth or age;
  • marital status and the presence of children;
  • address or area of ​​residence;
  • telephone for communication (Skype, WhatsApp);
  • email;
  • a photo is not required for a resume, but a good business-style photo with a good expression will be a plus.


It is necessary to list in the cronological order (indicating the years of study) the information about your main and additional education (courses, seminars, trainings) that are directly related to professional activity. When compiling a sample resume for a primary school teacher, make sure your education meets the qualifications for the job.

Work experience

The most important thing for any specialist is his invaluable work experience. This point should be covered in detail when compiling a sample resume for an English teacher or any other subject. List the places of your previous work in the reverse chronological order (starting from the last place and ending with the first), according to the following scheme: start and end date (month, year) – the name of the school/university/college and its location – a position held. It is worth listing here what was included in your job responsibilities at each listed job.

Professional skills and achievements

One of the essential characteristics of a teacher’s work is the achievements of his/her students. In the sample resume of a teacher of maths and any other subject, be sure to include data on the number of winners and prize-winners of olympiads at various levels, the results of the exams, information about the students engaged in research work under your leadership. Also, in this section, indicate the professional skills competitions in which you participated, information about maintaining a professional website or blog, developing authoring techniques, having publications, etc. It is highly likely that these non-obvious responsibilities of a primary school teacher for a resume will play a decisive role in the decision to hire you.

Personal characteristics

When composing a resume for a teacher, do not forget to tell about those qualities that help you in your professional life, for example:

  • love for children;
  • sense of humor;
  • ability to quickly respond to non-standard situations;
  • organizational skills;
  • I can explain complex things in simple language;
  • I am constantly in search of new pedagogical ideas for my students;
  • I find a common language with any student;
  • expressive and competent speech;
  • I am interested in psychology.

Additional information

This section usually contains information that is not directly related to professional activity but may be useful for your future work. What should be included in the additional information, compiling a resume for a primary school teacher or any other teacher:

  • confident knowledge of various computer programs;
  • knowledge of foreign languages;
  • the presence of a driver’s license;
  • maintaining a professional blog or website;
  • availability of a valid medical record;
  • willingness to start work as soon as possible, etc.