Real Estate Sales Resume Sample

A well-written resume of a realtor helps not only in finding potentially attractive employers but also in finding more favorable conditions. We will learn how to compile and how important it is to indicate the applicant’s education and experience.
A real estate agent’s resume is meant to lure a potential employer, so anonymized online options are not the best choice for those determined to get a job.
real estate resume

A realtor’s resume represents oneself as a specialist; therefore, it is necessary to build on the employer’s requirements first of all. It is necessary to highlight precisely those skills that the employer wants to see.

The document’s first block contains personal information about the person, including his full name, contact information. Here it is also necessary to indicate the vacancy for which the applicant applies, for example, a real estate agent.

A block on education follows this. Although there are no restrictions on realtors’ education, employers prefer somebody with higher education, preferably legal or economic. It would not be superfluous to note the passage of various courses and trainings, especially those related to real estate or work with clients.

In the “work experience” block, it is necessary to indicate the places of work and positions held and, as far as possible, in an accessible language to disclose their job responsibilities. Practice shows that having experience, especially in a given profession, allows to increase the chances of being accepted and qualify for a higher level of wages. In the absence of direct intermediary experience, it is worth mentioning the experience in sales, since it can be recognized as related.

The achievement block should reflect precisely the results and successes in the area of ​​interest to the employer. For example, swimming medals or culinary achievements are of no interest to a person looking for a good real estate agent. The most important result is the number of previous deals. Achievements in numbers are also suitable for the sales sector if you do not have experience in real estate activities.

“Professional quality”. This is a section in which you need to reflect your main advantages, for example, knowledge of foreign languages, availability of rights, readiness for regular business trips, and so on. Among the business qualities, understanding the local real estate market, the ability to process large amounts of information, knowledge of the legal framework, and business communication skills are valued. It is advisable for people with experience to indicate in which direction of the real estate market they have it (commercial properties, secondary housing, land).

In a blog dedicated to personal qualities, it is necessary to indicate the qualities that the employer wants to see in his future employees, such as efficiency, non-conflict, punctuality, and communication skills. Considering that the work of a broker involves constant communication with people, his personal qualities should ensure precisely the implementation of the basic functionality.

The presence of motivation and commitment is always positively perceived by employers for work. Therefore, they must be indicated in any case. Experience shows that many companies prefer to deal with motivated people in need of work than pompous know-it-alls who consider themselves smarter than everyone else and want to see high wages.

In conclusion, it should be added that in the overwhelming majority of cases, working as an agent provides for piece-rate wages, when a person receives a percentage of each transaction or a fixed amount. The salary is not assumed in this case. The more and more efficiently a real estate agent works, the more substantial his earnings are. Specifying the desired salary in the realtor’s resume is nothing more than demonstrating your own level of satisfaction.